Social Currency

Social Media Post 09/03/2021

Instead of trying to sell from your social media, build a following of people who trust in your business, products and philosophy. Build connections and relationships with people. Social Currency is far more valuable than a forgotten sale or two. A prospect who trusts you will inevitably come to you for a quote or advice when they are in the market for a product or service and recommend you too. Pop up in feeds, Like and Share in an authentic and genuine way and people will notice you and connect. Authenticity IS Social Currency.

This is the connection with today’s picture of the Black Eyed Peas. Away from music, Will-I-Am has built his trusted personal brand and interests in technology over more than a decade by sharing information and advice in a genuine and authentic way.

If you would like your business or personal brand represented online in a professional manner by someone enthusiastic about being the best and who will apply the very latest thinking to your content and social media posts then please contact me to say hi.

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