Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, WhatsApp, Clubhouse, Pinterest, SnapChat, Tik Tok and more…. I found one link with 100 plus alternatives!

How could you possibly create original content and update all these at the desired frequency and cope with new entrants? That’s a fast track to an asylum! Here are just a few of the considerations;

Specific to the brand, you need to study who uses each platform to decide if this is where your ideal customer posts, comments and shares posts.

Concentrate on the top three platforms. These combine to build your brand and lead prospects towards your website landing page or Call To Action. *If they arrive at your website capture names, and contact details to utilise e-mail marketing and newsletters which is a whole other discipline.

Look at your demographic and ideal customer and note which hashtags they follow.

Be sensible with hashtags. For visibility and reach, research hashtags with 1M posts and use three to six, and less than 100K posts and use another three to six. Your post is more likely to show at the top of the listings (and clicked on) using the lesser used keywords.

Determine when and what to post and the frequency to be picked up by the platform’s algorithm.

Many of these have more than one element, regular posts, stories (often higher visibility than regular posts), short video, longer format video etc. One may carry greater weight and require more frequent posts.

Post appropriate to platform content that positively reflects your brand and values. Consistent appearance.

Track the likes and comments on posts, compare the stats of each metric ‘Likes’ ‘Comments’ ‘Click Throughs’ to determine which posts are most effective and at what time of the day. Rinse and repeat!

For example, Facebook Business has a fabulous amount of demographic data you can check against each post.

Contribute by commenting, liking and sharing content, on each chosen platform, preferably for 20 minutes prior to posting.

Now begin your working day!

Actually, this is why this is best subcontracted to specialists who study this all day every day, are aware of changes to the algorithm and leave you to build your business that you know far more about!

For an informal discussion about your Social Media strategy please contact me.

Social Networks