Social Sellers Are The Top Performers

Why do large follower counts not always equate to increased sales? This came up in a conversation yesterday where some social media accounts have follower counts in the tens of thousands but little interaction and few post likes. That’s a red flag.

It can be difficult to establish why social followers are not converting into sales so it’s best to avoid common mistakes such as simply posting offers on your social accounts that are preventing you from turning posts into dedicated followers and then Raving Fans.

Social Selling is a process that plays the long game, it’s a process of ongoing communication and relationship building between the business and followers through social media posts. 80% of social sellers outsell peers who don’t use social media. The top performers in retail are all social sellers and I know a number of them.

This is a contemporary model for sales, where social networking, engagement and product education combine to bring people to your website who are more ready to buy from a brand they trust.

People who rate your business and trust your services and products also recommend you to others, if you see a customer recommending your product using social media, make an effort to connect with them too. You’ll be notified whenever you are ‘tagged’ in on a post.

The idea of this method is to ensure that your business is the first on a buyer’s mind when it comes to that product or service. That’s the amazing thing about the internet, once this would have been out of the question without investing a considerable amount of money, now the tools available, it’s democratised business and your small and nimble brand could move ahead of larger competition by interacting through social media.

Please contact me if you feel a Social Selling strategy would improve your business.