Social Listening

My philosophy is to use Social Media to buy Social Currency, your authenticity builds trust and you give value to followers. The objective to be in the Box Seats when these new followers are in the market for your product or service.

Occasionally though, yes, let’s throw in some unobtrusive offers – specific to your followers. But how do you ensure that your followers are interested and proactive? The answer is Social Listening.

For example, your brand, let’s say ‘Fitness Supplements’ can drop into similar accounts and forums who are discussing this product or discipline, find relevant conversations and engage with interesting comments. These same people will check out your feed, follow and even click through to your website and be captured by your e-mail marketing¬†system. But back to social media, once they are following you, either do a global platform offer, or target the offer to them personally via Direct Messaging (DM). Hopefully by then they trust you as a supplier and have seen the great testimonial of others – publish those they’re hard won!

You can stay on top of industry keywords and the competition and make this a central part of your Social Strategy. When in the past was this even possible?! It’s also free, or low cost if you employ a specialist.

You will also identify which platform your buyers use. Numerous times a week the question is posed? Which are the best platforms for my business or product? Well, the answers are out there if you go looking. Using this intel can only be positive towards your outright social media goals.

Thanks for listening (socially!)

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