Fun Sells

Fun Sells. If it was your objective to sell the product, imagine the social selling potential of tapping into the interests and contributing to the social media discourse of young people who might consider (say) buying a Fiat 500 car. Social media is an opportunity for business brands to create buyer awareness, to be holistic, not just advertise the features of a random new model as the manufacturer is already spending millions on that! But if you don’t provide any value you won’t attract invested followers which means they will never convert into a sale. By all means include a product in your Social Selling, but be subtle and make it fun.

Try to follow a 80/20 ratio. 80% building brand trust with authentic posts and stories and 20% advertising, make it stylish and colourful. Use filters like Mayfair with photographs on Instagram which is a powerful filter to stop a scrolling potential follower in their tracks. Make the post content entertaining and avoid duplicating hashtags too much. Go local, use localised hashtags to have a greater chance of appearing at the top of the feed. Be entertaining and approachable.

We all like to be liked, but with Instagram it’s more important for people to comment, save and share posts, and in Stories to share and ‘pull up’ the content available at the bottom of the screen as this all has a more positive effect on the algorithm versus simple likes. When posts are shared, your audience and reach grows. All this can be monitored in the Insights section of a Pro account and you can run similar posts to compare the outcomes of your chosen metric. Gradually creating the perfect post for your ideal buyer.

Social Selling can seriously influence your potential buyers, and prospects who over time following your interaction have formed trust in your brand and products. Also they are more likely to buy at ticket price and recommend others too. That’s a Win-Win!

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