It’s The e-Conomy Stupid

Today Car Gurus published the results of a survey across 1500 participants but this information applies to any retail product. It completely vindicates the transformative Social Selling approach to marketing now and in a post-pandemic world. Remember, after the 1918-20 Spanish Flu pandemic there was an economic boom ‘The Roaring Twenties’ so hold tight!

Here are three of the takeaways;

Car buyers start the process full of uncertainty. 72% undecided when to buy at the beginning, over half undecided on make and model.

– An absolute nailed on reason to be interactive with your own customers online and in the groups and forums they discuss buying and ownership. You must be the preeminent dealer and trusted source in the field and be number one for publishing the benefits of ownership. Leave features to manufacturers, broadcast the benefits of the product. If you can buy online and have a product delivered you have to be on the top of the 100% Completely Satisfied Customer Service metric, encourage 5 Star Reviews on Google Business and shout both from the rooftops. Publish testimonials in your evergreen social grids and stories. Be creative with buyer involvement, photography, video and sharing too! Or, a seller 500 miles away who commands the space will deliver a product of your brand to your next door neighbour and keep the margin! Are you Social Listening too by researching your customers? Are you checking for your most effective posts and hashtags? Are you thanking followers for joining your Social Club and asking how you could serve them from first contact? Are you commenting in threads and receiving recommendations from others or having your trusted business and personnel tagged into a thread by a customer?! Priceless.

Buyers narrow their consideration significantly before taking action. 86% wait to submit a lead until they’re at least somewhat certain the vehicle is a good fit.

– More justification of Social Selling underpinning all your marketing. What’s more important than price? Trust. You can build trust without ever meeting a customer if you have third party proof of your values across the Internet. Of those 86% who would they contact first when they have broadly decided on the product spec? Yes, the dealer who is Authentic and has Gold Standard Reviews, and a friendly face in their social marketing. People buy from people.

Due to the pandemic many buyers are considering buying a car online for the first time. Before Covid 42% now 63%.

– How many people outside of business had heard of Zoom or Teams before March 2020? Now we are all becoming familiar with a quick Zoom or even FaceTime to receive some on the spot video shared knowledge. Technophobes, older generations (Boomers are cash and asset rich) and even Luddites are coming around to the convenience. People hate being jumped on by a poorly trained sales executive in a store, peer to peer video is accepted now and eradicates the selling dinosaur and in a recombinative way may demolish the store too. Legislation like Distance Selling Regulations and The Consumer Rights Act have your back should something be awry. But once again, you’re not expecting that to be a problem if you already trust the supplier before purchase.

All the above is basic management, but combined with Social Selling it’s a must to stay ahead of the competition in a world that is less reliant on bricks and far more so on clicks.

If you’re in business and the above resonates with you please contact me to discuss Social Selling, Content marketing, or any other gaps in your online sales process.

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