What’s Your VISION?

Always concentrate on your VISION.

For years (now into the second decade) I was sucked into commenting on countless social media posts about politics or social issues I had zero influence on. We all have an opinion right? I even deleted my former Linked-in account because it seemed to be populated by people even more vociferous than myself posting comments from a perspective I could never agree with. In a low level way this made me angry too. Pointless!

But I have come to realise, albeit late in the day, that this effort is doing nothing to further my VISION.

I am by no means cured, it requires a realisation that a post reply will be a waste of energy and has nothing to do with my VISION.

I may never own a Koenigsegg Agera RS or join the Ghost Squadron, but I’ve got more chance by concentrating on what I can improve in my life than by commenting on the ‘Price of fish’ (topical not tropical)

What’s your VISION and what prevents you from achieving it?

Have a great day.

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