Steve Coulter is a West Sussex, United Kingdom based art, design, music and performance car enthusiast. Working lifetime in sales and marketing now including Internet, social media and business development.

Message to readers and supporters of my former performance car business.

I have decided to direct my experience of over forty years (yes, really!) into the retail marketing of rare and sought cars for people with busy lives.

Nobody saw 2020 coming, it’s nothing like the optimistic business plan I created in January so we all need to adapt and use whatever skills we have to the greatest effect. My own include an in-depth knowledge of the car industry to manufacturer senior management level and the contemporary marketing of specialist cars. I also understand how they work!

It helps to have owned, driven (and probably bought and sold) virtually every important manufacturer’s product, and especially hot hatchback of the last forty years. What an era!

I will offer a totally professional and affordable service with great advice at a competitive price. The objective to achieve an accurate net sale price for the seller that would remunerate myself from the proceeds of improved marketing.

My intention is to produce engaging bespoke copy for your advert, if necessary help arrange professional photography & video and be someone knowledgeable that all parties could communicate with. All this and more is required to achieve the very best price in a competitive modern world.

Also I would be pleased to maintain an eye on your transaction financially because there are unscrupulous people who will blindside a busy person trying to sell an expensive asset.

For those who do not know me I will add some testimonials to the website.

If you would like to discuss this further please contact me on steve.coulter@gmail.com or on my mobile phone +44 (0) 7407 038877