In 2021 its vital to have a great and well managed Social Media and Internet presence for your business. Your online profile and reputation must be superior to your competitors so they are encouraged to contact you first to supply.

As a specialist who is enthusiastic to work with you to improve your visibility, reach, sales and profit I am enthusiastic to discuss your Social Media strategy and create a program to increase your enquiries and sales. The pandemic and a year in partial economic hibernation means the world needs more sales!

Employing my agency to run your Social Media and Digital Marketing enables you to interact with an expert and educator in Social Selling and Content Management, off your balance sheet, fully tax deductible and with zero employee costs e.g. Benefit in Kind, Employer NIC, Employee Pensions, Holiday, Sick Leave etc.

Social Media Audit 

I will conduct an audit of your Social Media output and put a plan into effect to improve the reach from the very next post! 

Social Media Management

I will introduce FIVE key elements to your social media to ensure an immediate uptick in response.

1. Content creation with high relevancy to your industry that resonates with your ideal customer.

2. Hashtag research, hashtags that will reveal your posts to the largest audience.

3. Organic Growth* increasing sales through existing customers or new invested followers.

4. Social Selling! advice & tutoring with replies and comments.

5. Increased Effectiveness reach of posts, volume of comments and improve consistency.

**PLEASE READ THIS!**  I am not here to increase your followers by selling you NON RESPONSIVE followers just to provide FAKE SOCIAL PROOF with 10000, 100000, or 1M followers. I can assure you, unless they INTERACT with you they will bury what could be a great post!

*Paid For Social Media £ POA – as this will require a budget, agreed target audience and definition of objectives. I would always rather grow organically but there are times that ‘paid for’ is more suitable. e.g. expedite sales, targeted products (events, ageing stock etc.)

Website Build / Hosting / e-Mail Marketing / e-Commerce

Creating from scratch to website redesign and tuning please contact me. Success in redesigning dated websites and propositions and entire online presence utilising State Of The Art Social Media Strategy to drive leads.


E&oe. Signed contract and/or purchase order required. Fees invoiced monthly with 28 day terms.