What Price Freedom?

Liberals versus Libertarians with a few Geeks thrown in…..

Unsurprisingly, Boris Johnson decreed the rescission date of the vast majority of safety related Covid 19 laws and regulations to be called Freedom Day. Because that’s what the World’s Oldest Democracy would obviously call the removal of temporary totalitarian style safety laws. But when his chubby fingerprints are all over it you know in advance it’s going to be a shambles and arguably a death sentence for some of the (vaccinated) unvaccinated, vulnerable (3.5M) and co-morbid proportion of the British people. If you wish to impose chaos and confusion in a population, make Johnson your leader. But the seemingly closet eugenicist & Darwinian also has his party back benchers and funders to appease so what’s 100000 maybe 200000 daily Covid cases, the usual percentage of mortalities and hundreds of thousands of Long Covid sufferers in the grand scheme?

This week I was in a forum group discussing Internet Relay Chat (IRC), remember that? A nineties forerunner of Social Audio, IRC was then, and now, the preserve of computer geeks who enjoy operating outside of the mainstream. In fact I understand that anything new in the Bitcoin and Crypto realm is initially published on IRC. Much the same as attitudes amongst programmers and hackers to the Dark Web, there was a majority who favour of a completely unregulated web – and you know the type of thing that would exist there. But the consensus was that in a democracy, no Government, Internet Company or citizen, should tell anyone else what to do, or how to lead their lives. Nobody is condoning criminal activity, you shouldn’t prevent criminals communicating, but let Natural Law take effect. A British political paradox would be the UK Government naturally criticising China regarding Internet accessibility and clampdowns on public dissent in Hong Kong, but simultaneously imposing the Police & Crime Act 2021 here (look it up if it’s not crossed your bows, you could be in for a surprise). Even as an occasional left leaner I get that.

So this is where the two worlds collide, the same people instructed with the task of voting in a referendum to secure our future prosperity by continuing our preferred relationship with the World’s largest trading bloc and getting it tragically wrong, now tasked with acting in the national interest and taking responsibility for the suppression of the deadliest, mutating virus pandemic in a century. What could possibly go wrong? (Proustian paragraph :-S )

Well, despite 1200 independent scientists declaring our pandemic stance to be a danger to the world and the British Isles becoming a vaccine resistant Covid mutation petri dish, BJ and his Conservative cronies Sunak & Javid have reopened the country. (Is this why Hancock had to go? The indiscretion video was probably not news to them) That’s pubs and nightclubs reopening, no requirement to wear a mask, (or social distance? Do you or I even understand the regs now?) By declaring continued mask compliance, regional mayors have attempted to keep public transport safe, but the !£37Billion! Serco Track & Trace App is now pinging so many people to self isolate that before even Freedom Day One critical infrastructure such as the London Underground is now at risk as well as major firms operating here such as Nissan, Rolls Royce etc. on the verge of temporary closure due to half their staff sat at home. This is only going to get worse. Have you watched the Euro football, Summer Beaches, the younger unvaccinated congregating in major cities and kids crammed in skate parks?

With around 50000 infections a day and graph climbing like a Saturn 5 we have reopened, while The Netherlands with 14000 daily cases have reintroduced more stringent lockdown measures. A double vaccination, the U.K.’s main national defence has deadly holes in it, vaccinated people are becoming infected by the Indian Delta Variant Strain including our Health Secretary. No doubt in a few weeks the UK will have to lockdown again. Personally, regardless of any political ‘cost’ of a climbdown and facing down opposition, I would have extended the rules until the cases were significantly decreasing and there was no longer a particular threat. All along I’ve thought that as a major economy, we could afford to treat the cost of the pandemic as a one-off one hundred year event and pay it off over the forthcoming decades. The Libertarians and including my IRC geek friends might say otherwise. But that’s the point, a mortal and economic cost. But ‘Who is anyone to tell us what to do?’

There’s an opinion for you, what’s yours?

Post Script. News – 19/07/21 3pm. 500000 people have been pinged by Track & Trace and the country has run out of Lateral Flow Tests. Where will it end?

Freedom Day