SEO = Discoverability = Profit

The best way to make your website more discoverable, increasing engagement and interest in your products, services and SALES £$ is to keep it tuned up. Optimal tuning will ensure it’s more discoverable by the main search engines. The Domain Authority (DA) * more on this next time, is much improved along with your site being included in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) if great ranking sites relevant to your industry link to your website and pages, but before researching and contacting them to enquire about linking it’s essential your website is in the best possible shape. But where to begin?


Optimise your website so it loads quickly.
Check and repair any broken links.
Check that each page has consistency across, file name, title, subtitles, relevant & keyword rich content, matching tags.
Optimise image file sizes and create alt. tags – searchable and describe images when images are switched off by the user. This has got lazy since ‘my day’ 1999-2005.
Relevant meta tags on pages and images.
Name image files don’t just use file names.
Check internal links are not broken.
Optimise each product page by using techniques described above.

Once you have an impressive super-speedy loading website begin approaching targeted companies to link to you then watch your DA & SERPs climb!

Thank-you for reading. Find me on Clubhouse @ thestevecee