Icon comes to us from the Greek word eikenai, meaning “to seem or to be like.” In certain religions, statues of religious figures are referred to as icons––because they are prayed to as if they were the thing they represent. Icon can also describe a person closely linked to an idea. Mahatma Gandhi is revered as an icon of peace and humanity – an ultimate Personal Brand!

The goal of my agency is to become the go-to person to improve your digital marketing Return On Investment (ROI) your ICON for Great Social Media & Digital Content.

My background is NEITHER agency nor stereotyped. The result of work I produce will be influenced by my diverse employed and self-employed management and sales experience. Be assured your money is my money. By the times I have won, and lost! Resilience is key by the way. Also my inquisitive and knowledge seeking nature where I am building and adding layers to my own knowledge of my passions on an hourly basis. I have been involved with digital since I began tele-selling a sales database in 1990, e-mailing on an Intranet in 1992, built and marketed my own website in 1999 using state of the art (for then) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – before Google! To the present with my own e-commerce art website where I use all social media and tools to drive traffic.

I’ve also noticed that many people involved in digital are online centric I have many years managing sales businesses with 100% completely satisfied customer service feedback. It’s vital that you are building trust with your evergreen and daily social posts. Social media is not an instant fix, but with regular, interesting and relevant content plus an effort to build relationships with followers will surely lead to an increase in your sales.

If you would like to discuss your business with an icon & how we can increase your sales please contact me today!