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Struggling with your Instagram post reach & interaction?

My own Instagram account is very new, in fact it’s a week old today. As such, even as somebody I would hope you would trust with advice on digital development, social selling and content creation, I don’t think you would expect me to have thousands of followers. I am not going to say no, nor discourage you to have a significant follower count, if, and a big IF, they are interested in you and your product or brand and regularly interact with your posts and content. Social selling!

Followers alone is a fickle metric. If you have thousands of followers, which for a price are available to buy, each time you post the platform algorithm will measure response, likes and interactions. If these followers have no real interest in your post they won’t interact and the algorithm will bury your post. We both want your post to reach the perfect follower, someone invested because they may in the future want to buy from you. When you’re not dealing with your ideal follower no amount of posts will make them buy.

Tip. It’s worth regularly cleansing your followers of accounts who never interact. Posting solely to true fans has a positive effect on the reach of subsequent posts!

Achieve great engagement by tuning your post with relevant hashtags and speaking directly to them, satisfying a demand and including a call to action, the more people who Like, Share and Comment will boost your ranking in the algorithm and it will assume your audience likes and relates to your content.

Your post will be seen by more people and if the system is sensing your content is desirable and relevant it will appear in more searches. A virtuous circle.