Anger Is An Energy

“ANGER IS AN ENERGY!” Remember or ever listened to Rise by Public Image Limited? John Lydon yelling repetitively “Anger is an energy, anger is an energy” well, he certainly made it sound like it were! Yesterday I heard a Social Media Tip that proves it.

On Tik Tok, the algorithm promotes posts with greater Comments. This is a platform where the top age demographic (not mine or John Lydon’s I might add!) are very vocal and that includes the Haters, so you need a thick skin before you go dad dancing there fellow Gen X’ers.

But here’s the twist. Haters are leaving a Comment! Then if someone pro your post contests them, or more than one, that’s more comments. More grist to the comments mill.

So, with Tik Tok, the Haters literally drive your post towards the For You Page. RESULT!

Anger, as an energy.

May the road rise with you.

Steve Coulter is a Social Media Enthusiast and Social Selling Evangelist with experience of building websites and e-commerce since they were written in HTML, you logged on with a modem and were desperate for Yahoo to rank your site to take off! ‘Overture anybody?’

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